Convos With My 2 Year Old: Interview With Creators Matt Clarke and David Milchard

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  • Convos With My 2 Year Old” is the hottest new web series of 2013, and we really wanted to speak with the star – 2 year old Coco. Unfortunately, she’s far too busy to do interviews, so instead we sent her some questions, which were then interpreted by her favorite actor, David Milchard. (Series creator, star and Coco’s dad Matthew Clarke also sat in.) Enjoy a genuine Convo with a 2 Year Old that only What’s Trending could bring you!

    “Sometimes I like to play a game with him and I like to play a memory with you,” Coco (via Milchard) says of working with her dad.

    She also reveals that she likes to write video books in her new notebook, she wants to be a lady when she grows up, and her favorite food is purple ice cream.

    While Coco is Clarke’s first child, there is a little three-month-old running around in the Clarke household, and he may become a part of the hit series as well. “We’ve started adding him as an extra because he can’t handle his lines yet,” Clarke says. Maybe in a few months.

    Clarke attributes the success of the series to how much people relate to it. “It’s the most common thing I hear is, ‘I’ve had those exact same conversations.'”

    After partaking in so many of these strange dialogues with his daughter, Clarke knew he had to share them with the world in some way. “I think eventually I kind of woke up and I was like, ‘These are crazy conversations. They wouldn’t be okay with a full-grown person. They’d be awkward and strange and hilarious.’ And I thought, well, those are all things that are great for the Internet.”

    “It’s pretty open-ended right now,” he says of the future of the show. “We’ve committed to doing eight of them.”

    Want some teasers? Bubbles, chopsticks, and pants (possibly).

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