SpokenReasons On Filming “The Heat” and Crushing on Jenna Marbles

SpokenReasons On Filming "The Heat" and Crushing on Jenna Marbles
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Actor/comedian SpokenReasons stops by the studio to talk about how he locked his role in the new Paul Feig film, “The Heat“, his crush on YouTube star Jenna Marbles and his latest album, “The Game Changer”!

    “It’s a great opportunity, to go from YouTube to being in a major film is like no other,” he says of working on “The Heat.” “There’s millions of people on YouTube every day striving for success to try to chase their dreams.”

    And it was his first ever audition! His agents encouraged him to put himself on tape, but instead he flew overnight to the audition, hired an acting coach for one day and showed the producers what he could do in person.

    “I always say the only difference between YouTube videos and actually being on set is there’s just way more people,” he says. “I learned a lot from Paul Feig. I learned a lot from Melissa, as far as transitioning and improv. Sandra, she was more sticking to the script. She would make sure that you’re doing your job but also being yourself.”

    He also reveals that the experience might mark the beginning of a big transition into feature films.

    “I’m actually writing a film right now,” he says. “Me and Brian Robbins.” And he confirms that he’ll still remain a part of Robbins’ AwesomenessTV YouTube network. “It’s very important,” SpokenReasons says. “You have to take advantage of every opportunity that you have.”

    Speaking of taking advantages of various media, the comedian also has an album coming out – “The Game Changer.” Loyal viewers already know about his knack for songwriting, and also his major crush on fellow YouTube star Jenna Marbles.

    “She’s literally the only female that I look at on the Internet,” he says. “I met her two weeks ago. She gave me a kiss.”

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