Daym Drops’ “Best Daym Takeout” Travel Channel Show Premieres July 31

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  • Back in April, the Internet’s most enthusiastic food reviewer, Daym Drops, became the latest YouTuber-turned-TV-star with the announcement of his own Travel Channel show, “Best Daym Takeout.”

    In “Best Daym Takeout,” Daymon Patterson a.k.a. Daym Drops, will travel across the country, tasting the best of big city establishments and small town shops all while offering up his one-of-a-kind commentary from behind the wheel.

    And now the premiere is almost upon us! On July 31 from 10 to 11pm, Travel Channel will debut two half-hour episodes of “Best Daym Takeout” that should have your mouth watering for more. Viewers can also watch clips online. And, of course, Daym will keep his YouTube channel updated with his signature critiques.

    To help Daym Drops celebrate, YouTubers EdBassMaster, Steve Greene, The Gregory Brothers, and our own Shira Lazar give a shout out in the video above!

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