Chester See and Hailey Bright Debut “First Impressions” Action Film on What’s Trending

Chester See and Hailey Bright Debut "First Impressions" Action Film on What's Trending
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Director Leo Angelos brought his stars Chester See and Hailey Bright to the What’s Trending studio for the live debut of their short action film, “First Impressions.” The YouTube collaborators also shared behind the scenes stories, including how they trained for fight scenes and handled the on-screen romance.

    Without giving too much away about the plot, Chester said that he took a break from his own YouTube channel to join this film after he received a call from one of the executive producers. “George called me and pitched me the idea and I thought it was a really cool concept, something you don’t really see.”

    For Hailey, the choice was simple. “I never really get to kick anyone’s ass,” she jokes. “And I finally got to. It was amazing!” She adds, “We got to do tons of fight training and I just really loved the all the action that was involved. I love that idea that you think you’re watching something and at the very end, you figure out, oh my gosh! It’s a superhero.”

    “We did a couple of days of training, but they were very long, intense days,” she says of getting herself ready for the action scenes.

    This was a turnaround for Chester, who’s used to being the one dealing the blows. “In this one, I was beat up,” he says. “We put gear on me, so they were actually kicking me.”

    Finally, the team teases the possibility for a sequel, with Leo adding, “It depends on how this is received.”

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