Miss Glamorazzi Transforms Ethan Newberry Into A Pretty Princess With Her Summer Makeup Tips

Miss Glamorazzi Transforms Ethan Newberry Into A Pretty Princess With Her Summer Makeup Tips
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Ingrid Nilsen, a.k.a. YouTube beauty guru Miss Glamorazzi, stops by the What’s Trending studio to try out her summer makeup tips on the perfect human canvas: Ethan Newberry.

    Tip #1: Makeup setting sprays

    “Makeup setting sprays are great for summer because they help control the oil on your face and they keep your foundation from running off your face,” Ingrid says while applying some green and blue eyeshadow to Ethan’s lids.

    Tip #2: Easy at-home deep conditioning hair treatment

    “I’ve been really enjoying unrefined coconut oil that you can buy at Whole Foods,” Ingrid says. “And you just melt it a little bit and put it in your hair. It’s a super easy at home conditioner that’s really affordable and it’s not greasy.”

    Tip #3: Toilet seat cover removes excess oil

    “It is so weird but so true,” she says. “If you need to absorb excess oil or sweat on your face, you can go into a public bathroom and get a toilet seat cover. One that hasn’t been used! And you can just pat your face with it and it works even better than blotting sheets.”

    During the beautification of Ethan Newberry, Ingrid also takes questions from fans in the live chat about her work on YouTube.

    Miss Glamorazzi names fellow YouTube makeup artist Kandee Johnson as a major inspiration. “Her positive attitude was the first thing to really draw me in,” she says. “She was one of the first people that I really started watching and I was hooked on her videos.”

    And if she had to pick the best thing about working on YouTube since she started (aside from this very moment, of course), Ingrid says, “I would definitely have to say meeting all of the friends that I’ve made because they are friendships that are going to last. Even if YouTube ended, I would still have these friendships.”

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