iJustine Cosplays “Hardwired” With Google Glass and Fangirls Over Stan Lee at Comic-Con 2013

iJustine Cosplays "Hardwired" With Google Glass and Fangirls Over Stan Lee at Comic-Con 2013
By Amanda Walgrove
  • YouTube superstar and all-around tech geek iJustine stopped by the Nerd HQ stage at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 to chat with Shira Lazar and Ethan Newberry about designing her “Hardwired” costume, taking Google Glass for a test run and working with her hero, Stan Lee.

    “There’s a show on AOL called ‘Hardwired’ so we kind of took all the wearable tech from the episodes and put it into this costume,” she says of her attire of choice.

    It’s amazing we can even get a coherent sentence out of her considering she’s still in shock from doing a panel with comic book genius Stan Lee. She says, “He was my superhero mentor so he helped me in the process of transitioning from a normal human to this!” She adds, “He amazing. He’s probably the funniest person I’ve ever met.”

    iJustine also chats about being one of the first people to use Google Glass.

    “Using them is completely easy,” she says. “The hard part is going out in public because people want to know, ‘What’s on your face? Can I touch it?’ And they try to put them on, and it’s linked to your Facebook, your Twitter, your Tumblr, and if they accidentally push a button, they’re either tweeting or calling my mom!”

    While she does see Google Glass being a revolutionary piece of technology, she adds, “This is such an early stage of this product that there are so many more things that they need to make, make it a little less obvious, but it is pretty awesome. Especially turn-by-turn directions. You don’t even have to look away!”

    She’s also at SDCC to show off her new hoodies with So So Happy, a company that gives 10 percent of its proceeds to anti-bullying charities. She worked together with her fans to create a piece of clothing that perfectly represented iJustine, with camo sleeves and pops of color. They’re currently sold exclusively at Comic-Con, but knowing iJustine fans, the products will sell out quickly and most likely move to being sold online.

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