Rob Huebel Talks “Hell Baby,” “Childrens Hospital” Season 5, and Secret Comic-Con Sex Parties

Rob Huebel Talks "Hell Baby," "Childrens Hospital" Season 5, and Secret Comic-Con Sex Parties
By Amanda Walgrove
  • It seems as if comedian and actor Rob Huebel got himself a bit lost at San Diego Comic-Con, so we sent Ethan Newberry to dig him out of his confusion. Once they were together, the guys just ended up talking all about Huebel’s upcoming projects and secret underground sex parties that nobody knows about (but now we all do!).

    “‘Hell Baby’ is a movie that the guys from ‘Reno 911’ wrote and directed – Tom Lennon and Ben Garant,” Huebel says. “It’s terrifying, but also funny.”

    We’re sensing a theme here, considering the last time we had Ruebel on the show, he was telling us about his comedy/apocalypse film, “Rapture-Palooza.”

    “I don’t know how I get cast in these movies,” he admits. “Some of these movies involve friends of mine and so friends of mine decide to make movies about dark stuff like that.” That explains it.

    But, really, Huebel is looking for lighter fare. “I mainly want to get cast in children’s movies, baby lambs, baby ducks, stuff like that. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of those movies around.”

    He also shared his favorite story from filming “Hell Boy,” which included a lot of vomit. “We had to do a scene where we were just mowing down on these sandwiches but we shot the scene over and over,” he says. “I think I ate nine of these greasy, po’ boy sandwiches, and right after I did that, I threw up everywhere.”

    Coming up sooner than the August video on demand release of that film is the July 25 season 5 premiere of his “Childrens Hospital” series on My Damn Channel.

    “First of all, congratulations to me because we found out today that we got nominated for an Emmy,” Huebel says. “Last year, we won!” Last hear, he also ran around rubbing his award in people’s faces to make them jealous, so here’s to hoping he gets to do that again this year.

    “This season, we completely changed it up,” he reveals. “We are not in a hospital, for real. The whole show this season is in Japan.” To the question of whether or not they actually filmed in Japan, he responds, “You would think so.”

    But for now, he’s just excited to expose one of the great underlying secrets of San Diego Comic-Con: sex parties. “They all meet up tonight in somebody’s hotel and they do terrible things to each other’s bodies,” he says of cosplayers and Con-goers. “There’s an underground sexual Comic-Con that you and I don’t know about.”

    Find Huebel if you want in.

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