“Internet Icon 2” Finalists The Kloons, Bad Weather Films, and Matthias Campaign For Your Votes

"Internet Icon 2" Finalists The Kloons, Bad Weather Films, and Matthias Campaign For Your Votes
By Amanda Walgrove
  • The finalists of “Internet Icon” season 2 – Matthias, Bad Weather (Peter and Sam) and The Kloons (Greg, Nik and Mitch) – stop by the What’s Trending studio to talk about the excitement of competing on the show and ask you to vote for them to win!

    “Certainly, we definitely had an advantage,” Nik says of being in a team of three. “We have two editors and a, basically a talker, who kind of hangs out with all the camera guys and makes them feel good. That really helps.”

    Matthias confirms that it was difficult to be a solo act. “I think the hardest part that I had to get down was the writing process, because you didn’t have the chance to bounce off ideas to anyone,” he says. “They had actors on set that you were able to get but they only had a few, so we all had to balance between them.”

    The Bad Weather guys chime in to explain their methods of working together. “I think the most challenging was adapting to the challenges,” Peter says. “At first, we were just catering to the challenges and weren’t doing our thing that we normally do on our channel. And by the end of it, we almost got eliminated.”

    Sam notes that they had to translate their content, which is normally geared towards an older audience, for the “Internet Icon” audience, which is a bit younger.

    “It was a great experience. I don’t think we would ever want to go through that grueling insane time of our lives [again],” Nik says of the opportunity to relive the experience. “If we could do it again, we probably wouldn’t, but we were very thankful that we made it through and that we’re alive.”

    In terms of what they would’ve done differently if given the chance, Peter says, “We probably would’ve been more obnoxious in front of the camera. We were more reserved behind-the-scenes and people just thought we were weird and quiet.”

    Mitch just regrets that some amazing footage ended up on the cutting room floor. “They didn’t show any of the full frontal which I think is a huge mistake on their end,” he laments.

    Finally, the teams embrace their chance to campaign for your precious votes:

    Matthias: “Vote for me if you want to. If you don’t want to, don’t vote for me. Everyone did work they’re super proud of so check out all of the videos. Make sure you vote for someone who you identify with. If my video inspires you, maybe vote for it.”

    The Kloons: “We are extremely fantastical and considering all the righteous, important votes that you might reconsider now – Truth Orange.”

    Bad Weather: “Peter and I met in kindergarten and lost contact with each other,” Sam says. “Until we moved out to LA and met each other on a Craigslist ad, actually,” Peter adds. “I was looking for an assistant editor, found this guy.” Sam concludes, “If you want to vote for a true American story, vote for us.”

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