The Hillywood Sisters Tease Their Next Hit Pop Culture Parodies at VidCon 2013

The Hillywood Sisters Tease Their Next Hit Pop Culture Parodies at VidCon 2013
By Amanda Walgrove
  • YouTube’s favorite musical parodists, the Hillywood Sisters, join Shira Lazar live from Vidcon 2013 on the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center! They tell the stories behind their infamous videos, debate who has the prettiest eyes on YouTube and show you what it’s really like on the floor of the biggest YouTube convention in the world. (You don’t have to feel Forever Alone any more!)

    “We’ve been working for so long and we really try hard with every parody that we produce,” Hilly says, exciting about the news that they’ve hit 400,000 subscribers. “We celebrate, even if we gain 100.” The sisters stress that they appreciate every subscriber, and all of the support is extremely encouraging. They add that the secret to a successful YouTube channel is “hard work and constant content and fan interaction.”

    Hilly notes that their geekiness sets their channel apart from those of other parody creators. “We really are fans of what we are parodying,” she says. “We don’t like to disrespect it or spoof it so much where it’s just cheesy.” They note that among the “Twilight” cast, Lady Gaga, MTV, the cast of ‘The Vampire Diaries,” and Psy, every big name or franchise that they’ve spoofed has tweeted their parody or given them their own thumbs up.

    “I probably wouldn’t have it any other way,” Hilly says of working with her sister. “When we argue, if we do, we can get over it in 5 minutes.” They tell us that Hannah schedules, organizes, and films the videos, whereas Hilly handles the creative aspects of dreaming up the parody, and often leading the acting and editing efforts.

    So, what’s next for the sisters?

    “We’re thinking ‘Star Trek,’ ‘The Lone Ranger,’ or ‘Sherlock,'” Hilly reveals. Whatever it is, it will surely be awesome!

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