Charles Trippy Shares Crazy Stories From We The Kings Tour And Teases a Big CTFxC Announcement at VidCon 2013

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  • Charles and Alli Trippy have been doing this YouTube blogging thing since the very beginning. On the floor at VidCon 2013, Charles sits down with Shira Lazar to reminisce about the earliest versions of VidCon (back when it was basically “a joke.”) He also looks back at some of his favorite-ever episodes of CTFxC and denies any and all pregnancy rumors. Just in case you were wondering!

    While keeping up his YouTube channel, Charles has been on tour with We The Kings for the past month, but convinced his team to stop for a show at VidCon. “It’s very difficult,” he says of touring and vlogging at the same time. “Alli helps a lot. Luckily, the Internet’s everywhere.”

    But, he adds, music is something he’s always wanted to be a part of. “I grew up on a tour bus. My dad, he played in Greg Allman for like 10 years,” he says. “It’s definitely something I’ve always wanted to do.”

    He notes that the hardest part of being on tour is “adjusting, because you have to shower at the venues, you can’t poop on the bus. You can’t brush your teeth with the bus water.”

    Speaking of the loss of creature comforts and lack of bathrooms, Charles opens up with a funny story. (Sorry Travis!) “Travis had to go really bad. He had to do this in a bag,” he says of a time when they were in Scranton, PA. Travis went to dispose of the bag in the dumpster, but he threw it up and missed, so it rolled down towards another band’s bus. “It’s almost daily,” he says of these crazy stories popping up. That’s what his YouTube channel is for!

    And now that “Internet Killed Television” is a whopping five years old, Charles looks back on the course of that adventure. “It started off as a joke with Shay and myself,” he says. “It just evolved into a crazy blur.”

    Now, they’re getting ready to make a big announcement in New York City on August 17. “Alli’s not pregnant or anything like that!” he confirms. “It’s nothing super, super dramatic. It’s just a really cool thing that we’re apart of.”

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