Kingsley at VidCon 2013 Hating on Pork Bacon, Royal Babies and Justin Bieber Spitting On Fans

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  • Kingsley recounts tales of childhood wig shopping with Shira Lazar and special guest contest winner Leslie Adams. He also reveals the most overexposed thing IN THE WORLD right now and recounts some of the stupidest questions that have ever landed in his Twitter replies or Tumblr inbox.

    “It’s just a really humbling experience to meet them and it’s also cool for me to meet people that I also watch,” Kingsley says of catching up with fans at the Convention Center. “It takes some used to getting recognized, but I’m having a great time.”

    Still, he’s sure that his favorite part of the whole weekend will be meeting the charming Jack and Finn Harries from JacksGap

    Enough gushing, though. It’s time for that famous sassiness to take over. First, Kingsley laments the hype around the royal baby. “I don’t mean to be offensive,” he says, “but we’re not in England, so why do we care?”

    Next, he laughs about crazy questions he gets from fans on Twitter, like, “How do you get so tan?” He says that if fans want him to answer their questions, “Be unique because a lot of people ask the same things.” No more F-Marry-Kill questions about Tyler Oakley, One Direction, and Justin Bieber questions, please!

    Speaking of the Biebs, Kingsley sounds off with his take on recent pop culture controversies surrounding the Canadian star. “If he was spitting on them, then that’s really disrespectful. If they liked it, then more power to them,” he says. “The peeing in the mop bucket, I don’t care because he was drunk. Everyone’s done some crazy things drunk. I’ve definitely done worse than peeing in a mop bucket.”

    He finishes off the segment by playing a live round of “Would You Rather” and picking his desert island album.

    And finally, Kingsley offers his advice to people looking to make it big on YouTube. “Do something you’re passionate about,” he says. “Don’t try to force yourself to be something you’re not.”

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