Devin Supertramp Talks Assassin’s Creed 4 Parkour and His Exclusive Tour Announcement at VidCon 2013

Devin Supertramp Talks Assassin's Creed 4 Parkour and His Exclusive Tour Announcement at VidCon 2013
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Devin Graham (aka Devin Supertramp) makes awe-inspiring stunt and action videos. Here, he sits down with Shira Lazar in the What’s Trending booth at Vidcon 2013 to talk about putting together these crazy sequences, including a look behind the scenes at his recent Assassin’s Creed 4 Parkour video, made at San Diego Comic-Con.

    Devin also discusses how to make videos that have a chance at finding a large audience, suggesting that creators focus on topics that have mass appeal. (Hey, sort of like “Assassin’s Creed 4!” It works!)

    Now that he’s amassed over one million subscribers in a year, what can Devin attribute to his success on YouTube?

    “The only thing that’s different – because I’ve always been making the same kind of content – is now getting discovered, and now that I have a lot of videos, I give people a reason to stay,” he says. And, he always features things that people love. “Adventure, nature, puppies – everything that people love to share.”

    The looks of his videos are also stunning, as he finds lighting and setting to be particularly important elements of his shoots.

    “I want it to look like a movie. I want it to look higher than what you normally see on YouTube because I want it to stand out,” he says. “Originally, my whole goal was to do Hollywood movies with narrative stuff, but I found they weren’t getting as many views.” He changed his formula, built credibility, and has been working from there.

    Even though his videos often feature daredevil stunts and action sequences, the director himself is actually terrified of many things, including heights. He injured his back and leg pretty badly during school, so he lets his friends do most of the stunts, and he follows with his camera lens. “For me, making movies is kind of facing those fears.”

    So, far he’s taken his GoPro to some amazing locations, such as the Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu. “I get to see the world and everyone else pays for it,” he says.

    Speaking of sponsorships, Devin drops an exclusive that he just signed a deal with Mountain Dew! “I am doing a roadtrip across North America doing Devin Supertramp videos and everybody is invited! We’re doing that in September. We’re going to get a big bus and we’re gonna invite everyone and go state to state to state shooting that video.”

    Aside from that, he has a new one-take-wonder video up his sleeve, involving an airplane, snowmobile, launching people out of these things, and explosions. That, and getting his trademark hat back on his head and into the fans’ hands.

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