Lohanthony Shares His Twerking And Vlogging Tips At VidCon 2013

Lohanthony Shares His Twerking And Vlogging Tips At VidCon 2013
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Lohanthony tells Shira Laza how he started twerking, his YouTube inspirations (Shane Dawson, I’m looking in your direction!) and sums up his VidCon experience on the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center for VidCon 2013.

    Lohanthony also makes suggestions for budding vloggers on how to mentally prepare and build confidence. Watch this video enough times, and you’ll be ready for YouTube fame! (No, seriously, that’s absolutely how it works.)

    “One day I was just bored and I was listening to an upbeat song, and I was like, hey, why not shake my booty?” And thus, Lohanthony’s twerking talents were born.

    He attributes the success of his channel to his own enthusiasm on screen. “Probably how loud I am and just my personality,” he says. But it’s definitely easier for him to unleash that crazy character when he’s alone in his room. “It’s so much easier when I’m just me, but I’ve learned to let that person out sometimes with other people.” He says, “I shoot like an hour and then I cut it into six minutes.”

    Lohanthony also points out his YouTube idols, Shane Dawson and Frankie Grande, whose channels he watches all the time.

    But before we let him go, we have to ask about what’s worthy of a rant these days. The answer? Starbucks. “It took literally 30 minutes for my drink to be made. How dare they! I know there’s a line, but that is not excuse.”

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