Superhero Movie Preview With The Screen Team, Andre Meadows, Blair Butler, and More

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  • Chad from The Screen Team, Andre Meadows, Kumail Nanjiani and Blair Butler discuss upcoming movies including “Thor: The Dark World,” “Captain America 2: Winter Soldier,” “Amazing Spider-Man 2,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Batman vs Superman.”

    With the new “Thor” trailer premiering exclusively on YouTube for Geek Week, Andre has to get something off of his chest. “I love women to death, but somehow, when Thor comes on the screen, I just go, ‘Yeah. I would.'”

    While Chad says that he and Angie’s favorite Marvel film is the first “Thor” film, he does have something to add about the new “Captain America” movie. “We were at Comic-Con,” he says. “We got to see the footage they showed. There’s an elevator fight. I tell you what, Captain America looks way better than I even expected.”

    It’ll also be directed by the Russos, known for their work on sitcoms, “Community” and “Arrested Development.”

    “What’s so crazy, is that the Russos, they’re comedic guys, but they were really influenced by ’70s movies like ‘Three Days of the Condor,'” Blair says. “It’s actually weird to see these funny guys go really dark.”

    Speaking of comedic and character talents being placed into superhero movies, Paul Giamatti is making his way into the new “Amazing Spider-Man” film. “I think they’ll wrap up Rhino pretty early in the movie,” Chad predicts. “I think it’s maybe part of a chase or something in the beginning of the movie.”

    Finally, our panel moves onto the mysterious “Batman vs. Superman” project.

    “If they go by the comic, Batman kicks his ass,” Blair assures us. “It’s based on Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight’ comic and it’s pretty epic.”

    Or, maybe they’re not pitted against each other, but it’s actually a hybrid! Chad suggests, “SuperBat.”

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