Screen Team, Andre Meadows, and More Reveal All-Time Favorite Superheroes

Screen Team, Andre Meadows, and More Reveal All-Time Favorite Superheroes
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Chad from The Screen Team, Andre Meadows, Kumail Nanjiani and Blair Butler chat about their favorite superheroes thanks to their extensive, geeky knowledge of comics and movies.

    So, why this sudden movie craze for superhero franchises? “I think we’re getting better at working out our superheroes,” Kumail says. “Superman looks crazy! If you compare that to Adam West in Batman…”

    Blair points out that “The Walking Dead,” which deviates from the comic, has many fans going back to the source. “A lot of people are going back now and discovering the comic, and when they read the comic, they go, ‘I really like this. What else is out there that’s similar?”” She adds that another comic series, “Locke & Key” being developed into a movie trilogy by the guys behind “Star Trek.”

    Chad chimes in to say, “I just love Spider-Man. Peter Parker, just so relatable. Just a regular kid.” But, of course, you have to represent the ladies, as well. “Angie at home, she can be Mary Jane.”

    Meanwhile, Andre goes for more subtle route. “Captain Planet, obviously. He’s my hero and he takes pollution down to zero.”

    Blair is drawn to a more obscure group of heroes from the ‘8os “New Mutants” series, with their “terrible, terrible outfits.” She says, “They had teenage problems, and then also they got attacked by the Marauders and Magneto. It was great. It was basically like ‘Degrassi High’ but with mutant powers.”

    Finally, Kumail opts for Hell Boy, because he had to make a huge sacrifice and give up being a part of society. “He looks like a monster. Superman, if he doesn’t want to fight crime, can just become an underwear model, and he’d still do great.”

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