Longboarding Down a Mountain At Insane Speeds

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  • Devin Graham, a.k.a. Devin Supertramp, is back with another high-energy video, this time featuring some pro longboarders navigating the twists and turns of a windy mountain on a gorgeous day in Utah.

    Devin writes, “I had the chance to film a series of extreme stunt videos with Ford! For this video they gave me a Ford Focus ST, and one tank a gas, to see what adventure we could go on. With this one we got some pro long boarders, and took over a mountain for the day!”

    Upload your ideas to Instagram for another #onetankadventure with Ford, and Devin might use it in his next video!

    For more, check out the behind the scenes video and watch our interview with Devin from VidCon.

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