“Sanditon” Stars Daniel Vincent Gordh, Allison Paige, and Kyle Walters On Bringing Jane Austen To YouTube

"Sanditon" Stars Daniel Vincent Gordh, Allison Paige, and Kyle Walters On Bringing Jane Austen To YouTube
By Amanda Walgrove
  • The stars of Pemberley Digital’s “Welcome To Sanditon” YouTube series – Kyle Walters, Allison Paige and Daniel Vincent Gordh – explain what it’s like to be cast in the never-ending spinoff of “Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and share their favorite moments from filming the Jane Austen adaptation.

    Having won many hearts as Darcy in “The Lizzie Bennet Diares,” Daniel was excited to jump into the next project, but he had to keep the transition under wraps until any official announcement.

    “I was kind of forbidden to be involved at all, because no one was supposed to know that I was going to be in the show,” he says. “It was another one of those meta moments of brining two Jane Austen novels together through adaptation.”

    Allison adds, “I think the creators were so brave in doing this. They took a novel that not a lot of people knew, and not only did an adaptation, but created an entire community and universe for people to play and make up their own characters.”

    One of the many ways that the show offers an interactive experience for fans is through the Domino app, which was created in real life as it was in the show.

    “Domino is like Big Brother meets hidden camera,” Allison says.

    “It’s going to take over the world at some point,” Kyle adds. “It was fun because the creative team took the visual elements of Domino and gave it to the fans so that they could upload their own videos and open up libraries and bookstores.”

    “It’s like cosplay,” Daniel chimes in. “They’re roleplaying.”

    Fans are eager to know how Daniel handled going back to playing Darcy. He says, “We did have a while between shoot days. It was always kind of a little hiccup getting back to it. But I got to work with Allison on it and working with Allison just kind of brought me right back into the world.”

    So, next up, an “Emma” adaptation? Though the actors can’t reveal much, Allison is prepared to give fans a tease. “It’s going to be really good and you should watch it, because it’s going to be awesome.”

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