Jack Douglass and Adam Busch On “MyMusic” Season 2 and Making YouTube Magic with The Fine Bros

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  • Jack Douglass and Adam Busch – stars of YouTube’s hit series, “MyMusic,” from The Fine Bros – stop by the What’s Trending studio to share stories of filming season 2, working with web celebrities, and vlogging behind the scenes.

    “It’s really, really different,” Adam says of working on a traditional television show versus working on YouTube. “It’s the exact opposite. A sitcom is kind of all about rehearsal and this show is all about just shooting as much as possible.”

    Jack enjoys the camaraderie of putting all of these online personalities in one place. “It’s really cool just bouncing off of other YouTubers and other comedic actors,” he says. “We do have a script that we stick to, but sometimes one of the funnier guys will just put a little twist on it and it just makes it ten times funnier.”

    In fact, the limitless creative energy is intimidating for Adam. “I feel like the one who’s not talented,” he says. “You just put a camera on these people, and it’s as entertaining, if not more, than the show that we’re trying to create. And they’ll run around with their cameras in between takes and just shoot everybody, and everybody just – they come alive. That camera becomes another person that’s real.”

    Of course, it’s all thanks to the Fine brothers, who might conclusively be aliens from another planet.

    “They never sleep,” Jack confirms. “They never eat.”

    Adam adds, “It’s like working with monks. It’s like you’re just dabbling in religion, and they’re monks.”

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