Tim & Eric Tease Halloween Special With Zach Galifianakis and Festival Supreme Comedy Rock Show

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  • Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of superstar comedy duo, Tim & Eric, wreaked havoc all over our studio, and we loved every second of it.

    While they’re always going strong on YouTube’s hot Jash channel, Tim and Eric do take a moment to address the “Tim’s Kitchen Tips” series, which they recently cancelled. “We exhausted all the angles that we could find out of that spoof, and we figured it was time to move on to a different idea,” Tim says.

    Eric adds, “We do have a new short coming on Jash called ‘Dr. Wareheim’ where Tim comes and visits me every week with a sore throat, or a cough. And I give lots of rectal examinations right away.” Even though they have the freedom to basically pitch and create whatever they want for the channel, Tim says, “We believe in quality over quantity, so we’re not trying to do too much. Otherwise, we party party party as much as we can.”

    Outside of the YouTube world, the duo also has a spooky Halloween special coming up on Adult Swim, airing on midnight right before Halloween. “Bedtime Halloween Special” also features Zach Galifianakis and “The Howard Stern Show” personality, Dell’Abate as a very convincing beaver.

    “Obviously, he has great comedy instincts,” Tim says of Gary. “But he also has such a love and understanding of technology. So, he really appreciated the time and energy we were spending putting it together.”

    Even sooner than that, fans can catch Tim and Eric making sweet music this Saturday at the Festival Supreme with Jack Black (who we had in the studio a few weeks ago!). Don’t miss performance with Pusswhip Banggang, also featuring…Adam Sandler? So much name-dropping on this show!

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