The Gregory Brothers On Performing With Jack Black At Festival Supreme And How To Songify Anything

The Gregory Brothers On Performing With Jack Black At Festival Supreme And How To Songify Anything
By Amanda Walgrove
  • YouTube’s auto-tune masters, The Gregory Brothers, join the set of What’s Trending to talk about performing with Jack Black at Festival Supreme, scouting unintentional singers, and how to songify anything – including our own co-host Ethan Newberry!

    “It was fantastic,” Evan says of performing at the comedy rock Festival Supreme show for thousands of people. “Just incredible acts by Adam Sandler, Tim & Eric, Tenacious D headlined with a surprise guest spot from The Lonely Island.”

    But that’s not to downplay the fact that Jack Black joined them onstage during their set! “He’s a fan of some of our songs, particularly the ‘Double Rainbow’ song,” Evan says. (Check out The Gregory Brothers’ performance of ‘Double Rainbow’ on What’s Trending!) “So, he came out and guested on that song. So, we saved it for the last slot in our set.”

    And now that they’re performing all over the country, we want to know how they translate their viral videos to performance pieces for the stage. “The songs stand on their own, we hope,” Evan says. “So we perform the rock band version of each of our songs. We worked it out so we kind of sing duets with some of the unintentional singers.”

    Michael chimes in to say, “It’s almost like being a cover band for Joe Biden.”

    Of course, during the 2012 election, the family’s attracted a lot of viewers for their songifications of the presidential debates. “That was just a commitment that we made to ourselves and our audience, that we were going to respond to each presidential debate with a video the next day.”

    The months of all-nighters were worth it. “It’s kind of amazing because the first time we were doing that four years prior, it was just in Michael and Andrew’s apartment with no help whatsoever,” Sarah says.

    Now, they’re bringing musicality to more and more promising acts. “We’re almost like the talent scouts for unintentional singers,” Evan says. “We’re looking for someone who has the personality but also the lyrical content, and who’s using their voice like a real instrument so that we can create a song out of it.”

    “I’m kind of flattered when people try to songify stuff,” Sarah says. “That’s kind of why we created the Songify app to do that, because the more melodies everyone can find out in the universe, the better we all are.”