Al Roker Is Way #TooOld For This Drake Concert

Al Roker Is Way #TooOld For This Drake Concert
By Brianna Baxter

  • Drake performed in Harford, Connecticut over the weekend, and America’s favorite weather man (and least likely Drake concert attendee), Al Roker, was in the crowd.

    He uploaded this hilarious Vine of his reaction to the concert with the caption, “At the Drake concert/ XL center in Hartford, CT. Officially #TooOld.” He only went to the show to accompany his 14-year-old daughter and her friend. #DadOfTheYear

    Roker mentioned on “The Today Show” that a few college guys attempted to hit on his daughter. But he kicked into Protective Dad Mode, claiming to have asked the concertgoers,”Do you want to die? Is the last thing you want to see Drake?”

    Woah, Al, that is a little violent for morning television! Maybe he #TooOld for a Drake concert after all.