Boyce Avenue Performs “Your Biggest Fan” and Talks Working With Fifth Harmony

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  • Boyce Avenue brothers Fabian, Alejandro and Daniel Manzano took to the What’s Trending stage for an awesome acoustic performance of “Your Biggest Fan.” They also stopped to chat about releasing their upcoming “One Life” music video in collaboration with Pencils of Promise, creating a special tour video featuring many familiar YouTube faces, and working with Fifth Harmony.

    “We had the great opportunity the prior fall of working with them on the show, ‘The X Factor,'” Alejandro says. “They felt like sisters to us. We always believed in their talent.”

    And the brothers have used YouTube to share their own talent with the world. “We knew we had music that we wanted to share with the heard,” Daniel says. “Alejandro brought up the idea of just posting videos on YouTube.”

    Alejandro adds, “It’s constantly changing and evolving. You just gotta stay up with it and stay connected with your fans.”

    Collaborations are a great way to make that happen, too. For the band’s “One Life” music video, Daniel says, “We wanted to do something special for the first song and give back. We’ve decided to partner with Pencils of Promise for the release of this song. So every time somebody buys this song, money will go to charity to help kids who can’t find an education or don’t have the opportunities that maybe we all grew up with.”

    He says, “The song is a call to action, to live every day to the fullest.” And Alejandro adds, “I think the beauty of it is that everybody can take away from it what they want.”

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