RoboCop Remake Get’s An Action-Packed Third Trailer

RoboCop Remake Get's An Action-Packed Third Trailer
By Raj Rawal
  • So let’s cut to the chase: this is obviously going to be an extremely entertaining action film, but will it live up to the original?

    This is the third official trailer for the film and plays as supercut of very cool, fast and gritty action scenes. The only concern a lot of RoboCop purists are having is if the film will contain the political undertones of the original.

    The original film is not only R-rated but it was also released in the late 1980’s and came from filmmaker Paul Verhoeven (“Basic Instinct”,”Total Recall”) who had no limit when it came to showing over-the-top violence (all in the name of satire).

    Also, the best part of the trailer might be Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson appearing for just a matter of seconds. It looks like Bruce Wayne and Mace Windu have finally joined forces. I’d buy that for a dollar!

    “RoboCop” releases on Valentines Day 2014.