“Because Who Is Perfect?” Campaign Creates Mannequins of Disabled People

"Because Who Is Perfect?" Campaign Creates Mannequins of Disabled People
By Brianna Baxter
  • A video released this week by Pro Infirmis, an organization for the disabled, raised the question, “Because Who Is Perfect?” The project brought a group of people with different disabilities to Zurich, where they were then measured from head-to-toe. Smooth, plastic mannequins of their bodies were made and revealed to them.

    The reactions from the participants were really the most heart-warming aspect of this short documentary. It was quite beautiful to watch them touch and view their own silhouettes for the first time.

    After the participants viewed their mannequins, they were placed in store fronts in downtown Zurich, just in time for International Day of Persons with Disabilities. As people walked by, they took an extra moment to look at the mannequins, to “get closer.”

    The message is a powerful reminder that no one is perfect. Using mannequins to portray this was a great way to highlight the idealistic view we’ve put on ourselves. But if you get a little closer, you’ll see there’s no one shape or size… Because no one is perfect.