SciShow’s Biggest Science Superlatives of 2013

SciShow's Biggest Science Superlatives of 2013
By Brianna Baxter
  • Hank Green from SciShowNews  counts down the top 5 science superlatives, schooling us all in the most science-y things to happen this year! From weather discoveries, improvements in biofabrication to new radar data, science has had a pretty extreme 2013.

    A few “most” happened this year like the “most” destructive meteor, known as Chelyabinsk, which exploded over Russia injuring over 15-hundred people. The “most” powerful tropical cyclone also happened this year, Typhoon Haiyan, which resulted in over six-thousand fatalities.

    But in lighter news, Green reminds us of some positive discoveries to be made this year. Scientist pieced together the oldest genome sequence from a horse that lived almost a million years ago. And Scientist created the first 3-D printed human parts. Sounds gross, but one day it could be used to generate customized organs… And maybe then the Tin Man will finally get a heart!

    As science guy Hank Green rounded out this super science superlative countdown with a few more shocking discoveries, it leaves the world wondering, “What rocks will scientist turn in 2014?”