Owling and Do You Like Me Now!?: Memes You Might Have Missed

Owling and Do You Like Me Now!?: Memes You Might Have Missed
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    An example of owling (Credit: Know Your Meme)

  • Owling 

    As if the spin-off game of “Coneing” wasn’t enough to demonstrate the global popularity of “Planking,” there’s yet another participatory photo meme on the rise. Owling is a distinct camera pose that involves sitting in a perched position and looking off into the distance, as to mimic the posture of an owl in the woods.

    The owling phenomenon began on July 11th on Reddit, as a direct response to the game of planking with a thread entitled “”Seems to be an increase in planking photos, so…” The image featured a demotivational poster of a woman perching on railing with the caption OWLING because planking is so two months ago.”

    eHarmony Cat Lady Identified

    The crazy cat lady from the presumably fake eHarmony video bio finally revealed herself as Cara Hartmann, and has since started a website selling various cat related merchandise. She was recently auto-tuned by the Gregory Brothers, and may be trying to capitalize on her eFame much like the previous auto-tune celebrity Antoine Dodson. In the first month, the original YouTube clip reached 12.5 million views, and the Gregory Brothers remix has received over 3.2 million views.

  • “Viral Video: Do You Like Me Now?” 

    A video of teenage girl parodying Jersey Shore stereotypes became a hit on YouTube after it was ripped from her Tumblr page and uploaded onto the video sharing site earlier this month. The clip begins with a brief monologue explaining that she will be performing behaviors to attract the opposite sex, and proceeds to smear makeup all over her face, douses herself in water, and dances awkwardly while repeating the question “Do you like me now?” in a creepy voice, almost bordering on performance art. The video has received 1.2 million views in just 2 weeks.

    The girl posted this statement:

    Guys thanks for making the video a hit I alot of followers now 4 digits in fact lol oh and to clear up a few things it was a troll I wasn’t serious and I’m not retarded lol and yes 2+2 does equal gonnahrea and thanks to whoever Put it on YouTube thanks thanks thanks oh and Sophia b- I know you went on mu tumblr without me knowing lol

    With the fourth release of Dubai Design Week occurring one month from now, downtowndesign be on enabling the engineering and inside structure experts.


    May’s biggest Internet craze Planking is still raging on with growing contributions from celebrities, but one naysayer stepped up this week to pull the brake on the fad: Xzibit. The reason? The rapper, who has become an internet icon for his MTV series Pimp My Car, tweeted on last Sunday that the viral game of lying down has its roots from the days of slave trade when African slaves were transported in the cramped up hull of the ships, stacked up on top of each other and forced to face down against wooden planks.

    Though it remains arguable whether the modern term “planking” has any direct correlation with the method of slave transportation, Xzibit’s criticism sparked a minor debate on the social networking site Twitter this week. Meanwhile, Tom Green claimed the title of original planker this week when he released an old footage from 1994 featuring himself lying flat on the ground in front of a busy supermarket store.

  • Pastafarianism Becomes 20 Percent More Legit

    The faux-religion of “Flying Spaghetti Monster” and “Pastafarianism” became slightly more legitimate on Wednesday, when an Austrian man Niko Alm was allowed to wear a pasta strainer as a “religious headgear” for his Driver’s License photograph. A self-claimed atheist, Mr. Alm has been trying to renew his Driver’s License with a picture of him wearing a strainer for the past three years, which he filmed as a mini-documentary series since October 2007.

    The Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster was founded in 2005 as a protest against the Kansas school board’s decision to teach the theory of Intelligent Design as an alternative to evolutionism, it has since grown into an international mock religion among atheists around the world. Aside from worshipping a flying plate of pasta and meatballs, Pastafarians also believe heaven has a beer volcano and a factory producing strippers. Genius.

    Viral on Reddit Narwhals and Bacon: A phrase coined earlier in 2009 on the popular social news website Reddit, the secret identifer for Redditers recently saw a massive resurgence in popularity when it began popping up in amateur web comics known as “rage comics”. The code “the narwhal bacons at midnight” was originally started so that Redditors would be able to identify themselves in public and elsewhere in real life. It has since inspired fan art, and even it’s own food recipe: bacon narwhals.

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