Choosing Phones Over Sex is Completely Logical

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  • A recent TeleNav survey found out that one-third of Americans would be more willing to give up sex for a week than their phones — and it makes perfect sense to us at What’s Trending. As web influencer Ze Frank put it on the What’s Trending Live show, “The penis has not had an upgrade in hundreds of years.”

  • The survey also concluded that 66 percent of smartphone users sleep with their phone next to them, and 83 percent of iPhone users think other iPhone users make better lovers.

    Frank, however, wasn’t shocked with the results. “Virtual life is life, and we are living in that space.” he said. “I don’t think that’s terrible or even remarkable.” He then added, that we do need to learn how to use our technology responsibly when expressing our feelings.

    With the smartphone putting us in touch with people over vast distances faster and easier than ever before, we get that human contact without having to see face to face. “Who needs to see people in person anymore?” comedian Loni Love quipped.

    Loni went on to explained that physical contact is not what defines a relationship and the great thing about the internet is, “You get to touch people that you never thought you could touch.” Ze, chimed in that he thought that would make a great tagline for the web.

    Our online viewers we’re definitely on the same wavelength as the What’s Trending panel.


    Would you give up sex over your phone?

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