The Gregory Brothers Double Rainbow Song on What’s Trending!

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  • The Gregory Brothers — which consists of brothers Michael Gregory, Andrew Rose Gregory and Evan Gregory along with Evan’s wife Sarah Fullen Gregory — stopped by What’s Trending Live to “songify” the studio. They gave a special, live performance of their viral classic, “Double Rainbow” an auto-tuned take on the viral meme from Paul Vasquez of the same name.

  • The group known best for their “Bed Intruder Song” which hit 89 on Billboard’s Hot 100, performed a nearly a cappella version of “Double Rainbow” accompanied only by a Ukulele.

    The band has had a lot of Internet success with their “Auto-Tune the News” videos on YouTube, having worked with big names such as T-Pain and Weezer. The video of their remix to Vasquez’s meme has over 24 million views and “Bed Intruder Song” has three times that.

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    Before breaking into song, Evan told us how anyone can have some auto-tune fun by downloading their new Songify app on iTunes. He explained that, “It creates a song out of anything you speak into the app.”

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