A-Rod Gambling With Suspension For Illegal Poker Play

A-Rod Gambling With Suspension For Illegal Poker Play
By Whatstrending
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    Alexander Rodriguez (Credit: Keith Allison)

  • The latest illegal, underground poker game scandal reaches beyond Hollywood’s A-list actors to Yankee’s third baseman, Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod, as he’s more commonly called, is under investigation for allegedly taking part in illegal poker games where cocaine was openly used and one of which, turned violent. His rep says there are “numerous factual inaccuracies.”

    It’s not thought that A-Rod gambled on baseball games, but the fact that he so blatantly disregarded Bud Selig’s warning in 2005 about gambling in underground poker clubs is said to have angered the commissioner. Regardless, he will have to explain himself when the commissioner’s office interviews him.

    Whether he’ll face suspension, no one knows. But that doesn’t mean the folks on Twitter aren’t voicing their opinions, guessing at his fate, and happily making jokes at his expense.

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  • What do you think? Is A-Rod’s allegedly underground gambling suspension worthy or even news worthy? Share your thoughts (and favorite A-Rod jokes) in the comments.