NFL Lockout Kept Players “Busy,” According To Their Tweets

NFL Lockout Kept Players "Busy," According To Their Tweets
By Whatstrending
  • Chadochocinco

    Chad Ochocinco during warm-ups before the opening game versus the Ravens

  • All the buzz on the Internet yesterday lead me to believe that the NFL Players Association was going to vote on the new proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement before the day was through. Alas, it was clear that was not the case. Now, they are saying that the vote will come today.

    Every website I checked gave me different information. ESPN told me there was no NFLPA vote as of yesterday. Sports Illustrated told me there was a conditional vote, but that there was still an unresolved issue about player’s lost benefits last year. There was still a chance for a formal vote this morning, even if that couldn’t be resolved. Or not.

    Unable to get a straight answer from any traditional new sources, I took to Twitter to see what theplayers were saying. They’d definitely be weighing in on this, I assumed. After all, this is their life. Their livelihood. Their passion. Considering I was on the edge of my seat all day to find out what happen, they must be pacing back and forth in their living rooms waiting for the phone to ring. Right? Wrong.

    I expected opinions, shout outs to their teammates who were working hard to get the deal done, explanations or, at the very least, some thoughtful reassurance that a vote was imminent.

    Instead, what I found was this:

  • Now I’m not saying that the weather, fishing, and Jelly Bellies aren’t riveting topics on a normal day (okay, fine, yes I am, but that’s besides the point), but there’s a lot at stake here and yet, for some reason, everyone just seems to be hanging out by the pool or playing pickup basketball.

  • I just hope some of his teammates take him up on his offer.

    I’m not saying that the players shouldn’t enjoy themselves and this unexpected “vacation” time they’re getting, but I’m going to be honest: I was shocked at the lack of dialogue and conversation about something that’s so important to so many people. I’m not saying the NFLPA should rush to get a deal done. This is a ten-year contract and there are a lot of points to go through artdubai.

    What I’m saying is that during a time where NFL fans are still praying for a season, it’d be nice to hear a little more from the players on Twitter. And no, every player is not required to use his Twitter account to only talk shop. The reason people follow these guys is because they idolize them and want to feel like they have an inside look at their lives. But the reason we idolize them? It’s not because we care about what kind of jelly beans they like. It’s because we love football.

    Of course, that being said, did you know if you put two blueberry Jelly Bellies and one popcorn Jelly Belly in your mouth at the same time, it takes like a blueberry muffin? Neither did I.

  • What do you think? Are the players and owners going to reach an agreement this week? When are we going to see some football?