What Lady Gaga’s New Music Video “You and I” is Really About

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  • Contrary to the title, the meaning of Lady Gaga’s latest single isn’t as simple and “You and I” (Credit: “You and I” music video screenshot)

  • by Devin Brown

    (CBS/What’s Trending) – Lady Gaga has finally returned to form. After some visually pleasing but generally lackluster videos, she has finally come out with something to write home about. “You and I” is arguably the best song on her sophomore release, “Born This Way,” and now has avideo to match. (And, before you complain, — “Edge of Glory” doesn’t count because it wasn’t a Gaga event as it was Gaga being demure —  well as demure as she can be. Plus it was only because the Lady got to go into Versace’s archive.)

    In her usually verbose style, Gaga released a six minute video complete with torture, high fashion, county, a wedding, dancing, humor, sex, mermaids and Gaga as a man. Pop’s second-in-command — Katy Perry took the throne with her fifth consecutive number one– tweeted the release via her thousandth tweet, rewarding her “little monsters” for devoting themselves.

    In the video itself, there is so much going on it is hard to figure out what all of the different characters are doing, who they are and what they mean, if anything. I can see that there is a method to the madness of the video, but one YouTube commenter really put things into perspective:

    “I think the video is about her abusive, controlling boyfriend constantly forcing her to change. Everytime he changes her she becomes stronger and more magical. She eventually leaves him. She kisses herself (jo) to show that she has finally come to love and accept herself, because you can’t love someone else until you love yourself. Since she has accepted herself, she decides to reunite with him, running from New York back to Nebraska. He finally accepts her and they get married at the end.”

    Anything we thought before about the mermaid, the mermaid woman getting married, the drag Gaga kissing the piano Gaga went away after discovering the metaphor. As per usual Gaga wants everyone to love themselves and accept themselves, and that theme rings true in her latestvideo. While torture may replace blasphemy in her latest attempt, it is going down a lot more smoothly than her previous ones.

    Or if you’re a conspiracy theorist and think that Gaga is in a fight to take down anyone who competes against her, here’s one other YouTube user’s musings:

    the only reason why she “leaked” this is cause shes a mermaid in the video. Katy perry is also doing a video using a mermaid character. lady gaga wants to make katy look like a copy cat. WTF

    Here is some of the chatter around the video online.

  • What do you think “You and I” means?

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