Are We In a Social Media Tech Bubble?

Are We In a Social Media Tech Bubble?
By Whatstrending
  • by Devin Brown

    The economy is not in a good place, but some technology companies are being valued higher than ever. In this week’s Column Five Media infographic, we take a look at whether or not we are heading for another tech bubble burst or if social media companies, like Facebook and Linked In, are really are worth what they are being traded for.

  • Facebook is valued on a higher scale than Ford, and more and more companies like Linkedin are going public. In the early 2000’s the rapid expansion of online business caused a huge techbubble that resulted in the fall of dozens of big start up ventures, such as now defunct

    Only time will tell if the Silicon Valley job boom and the rise of the online start-up is gonna result in another burst. While the answer isn’t 100 percent clear, one piece of solid advice rings clear: “Don’t trust a company with a sock puppet as a spokesperson.”