Surprise Wedding Couple Talks About the Big Day

Surprise Wedding Couple Talks About the Big Day
By Whatstrending
  • Most significant others are thrilled when their loved one plans a surprised getaway or treat for them. But Shawn Lippert of Windsor, Ontario wanted to one up everyone: He planned a surprise wedding for his bride-to-be Colleen.

  • The viral video of their very special surprise day was documented by friend Gavin Michael Booth, and has almost 90,000 views since it was uploaded yesterday. What’s Trending talked to the newly married couple about the big event and whether they were surprised about going viral.

    “I told (Gavin) what I was going to do, and he said I was absolutely nuts. He said if it goes great or goes horribly wrong he’s going to have the best clip ever,” Shawn Lippert said about his initial pitch to his friend.

    The couple was supposed to elope and have a family BBQ in September, but Shawn Lippert thought the ultimate wedding would be one that his bride didn’t have to worry about. For a year, he asked her questions about her perfect day, including what centerpieces she wanted to the earrings she wanted to wear. In order to have all his bases covered, he made sure her sisters were briefed and brought along her entire bedroom set — change, clutter and all — to the site.

    “A month from now we were getting married,” Colleen Lippert explained. “I was starting to get really stressed out. I had no time to think about, to worry about it. My job was to enjoy.”

    For now, there are no surprises in the couple’s future — except for how viral the clip of theirwedding went. Check out the video that started it all.