Texas Wildfires and 9/11 Apps: Trending Now
  • Wildfires have been spreading across Central TexasAlready 3.6 million acres have been burned and over 600 homes destroyed. Social media is already making its mark, as citizens ask for volunteers, pass on the latest warnings and places to send livestock during the fires. What’s Trending is taking a look at this, as well as the other top news of the week, on What’s Trending Live.

  • – This upcoming Sunday will mark the tenth anniversary of September 11. A free 9/11 memorial app by Steve Rosenbaum showcases hundreds of original images and videos of the Twin Towers before and after the attacks. You’ll also be able to track the progress of 9/11 memorial. Tune back in Thursday to listen to an exclusive interview with Rosenbaum about the app.

    – Have you picked your fantasy football team yet? The first official game of the NFL season kicks off this Sunday. Also kicking off this year is a new position for a social media manager that many teams are opting to include. And, next week https://www.airmaniax.com, Terrell Owens will be in the studio to talk about how social media has changed the face of football.

    – The new jobs report shows that nine percent of the country is still unemployed. Though President Barack Obama tried to assuage fears in Detroit over Labor Day, many tweeted how despite this act his approval rating still remains as low as ever. Obama is scheduled to speak to Congress about the dismal jobs report.

    Meanwhile, you might be able to improve your job prospects by improving your image online. Eighty percent of hiring managers and recruiters admit to looking online before hiring an employee.

    – Two people are facing up to 30 years in prison in Mexico after taking to Twitter to falsely report that a school in Veracruz had been attacked and children had been kidnapped. Unnecessary panic caused car accidents and phone outages all over the city.

     Crock Pot Girls, a group started by three Texas mothers to share crock pot recipes, has amassed over one million fans on their Facebook page. (By the way, Martha Stewart only has 250,000 fans on the social network.)

    – Oprah Winfrey might be the queen of daytime talk shows, but she’s flailing at social media. Rumor has it she’s looking for social media advice since her online traffic to Oprah.com has dropped 50 percent since January. However, she’s trying to prove she still matters in a social media age: She’ll be hosting a Facebook Live event today at 1:30 pm PT / 4:30 pm ET.