Looking For a Job? Meet Social Media, Your New Resume

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  • new study by Career Enlightenment posted on Mashable showed that 89 percent of companies will use social media networks for recruting — and 79 percent of hiring managers and recruiters will search for their perspective hires online before giving them the thumbs up. And, with the unemployment rate still above nine percent, you’ll need all the help you can get if you’re in between jobs. What’s Trending believes that means the tone and quality ofyour online presence matters more than ever. We discussed how much you should post onsocial networks and how to manage your online persona on our What’s Trending Live show.

  • Now that everything can be captured with a photograph, Twitter’s manager of social innovation and executive leadership Claire Diaz-Ortiz pointed out that we should exercise discretion in our tweets. “It is important not to send a tweet of you with your bong on twitter if you want a job,” she said.

    At the same time, Twitter has helped people connect with future employers and employees. “The reason it works is because you can reach out to anyone, and there is a chance they might respond.”

    Comedian Dave Holmes called Twitter “a constantly updating resume,” adding that your online identity should be your best personality. Especially when it comes to his line of work, he can showcase his talents without having to go through a long wait list at traditional comedy clubs.  He added, “I know I’ve gotten work through jokes that I’ve made on Twitter.”

    But, that doesn’t mean that your real life connections don’t matter at all. Social media, when used correctly, can further facilitate getting in touch with the right people (www.airmaniax.com). “It’s this great mix of relationships, plus social media, equals jobs!” Diaz-Ortiz proclaimed.

    For five ways you can use social media to your benefit to find your next job, click here.

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