Terrell Owens: “Give or take a month or so I’ll be back on the field.”

Terrell Owens: “Give or take a month or so I’ll be back on the field.”
By Whatstrending
  • Good news football fans: Terrell Owens is going to be back soon. The wide receiver told host Shira Lazar on the What’s Trending Live show his career is far from over and he has no plans to retire. He’s been keeping fans updated on his rehabilitation through his tweets and Viddy accounts.

  • “I’m healthy enough to go up some stairs. The rehab process has been grueling. It’s been challenging, but I’m getting better week to week. I would say give or take a month or so I’ll be back on the field,” he said on the What’s Trending Live show, quashing any retirement rumors

    Owens, who you can also catch on the third season of his VH1 reality TV show “The T.O. Show” and an upcoming episode of “Unnecessary Roughness,” has had a challenging year from his surgery to his financial situation. He shared that he wanted to clear up any misunderstandings about how he is portrayed and give fans a behind the scenes look at his life, which is why he joined the reality TV realm. “It really just sheds light on the fact that regardless of how you might see us, if we’re celebrities or pop stars, whatever the case may be, we’re still human,” he explained.

    The wide receiver also keeps fans up to date with what’s going on through his Twitter (@terrellowens), which has over one million followers. Owens says MySpace is really what influenced him to get online and since then the Internet has help him grow and widen his fanbase. “When Twitter hit, it was kind of like this was the IT thing,” he said, admitting he was hesitant at the beginning to have people following him but grew to love the medium.

    “I’m a character when it comes to being involved with the fans and when it comes to interacting with the fans. It’s an avenue where’s it’s been great. Obviously you’re going to have people who like you and dislike you, but overall I feel like I’ve had a great fan following.”

    So, how do you get this star wide receiver to follow you? Owens follows fans that he has good conversations with online and celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Lil Wayne and Shaq. He’s been trying to get Brooke Burke to follow him forever (so if you’re reading this Brooke Burke, click on that follow button!)

    He also made Twitter headlines when Jon Runyan compared the wide receiver to Michele Bachmann, which Owens’ tweeted about. He said he took the comments with a grain of salt, but made it clear that despite joke tweets that he was going to run for president, he has no desire for a political career. “I’m actually flattered, however you want to take it good or bad,” he said of Runyan’s comparison. “I guess if your name is mentioned in somewhat of a political standpoint, you’ve made it.”

    Owens answered some Twitter questions from our What’s Trending followers, including his favorite victory celebration – that would be the pom pom dance – and the best player he’s had to meet on the field, which he considers to be Deion Sanders.

    Though Owen’s is clearly busy with his non-NFL related work, he still keeps an eye on the game through Fantasy Football. Among his picks are quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Drew Brees as well as some “formidable” running backs and wide receivers. “This is my first time getting involved in it,” he said. “Usually I’m somebody else’s fantasy – however you want to take it,” he added with a smile.