Second City Network on YouTube, The Wild West Of Comedy

Second City Network on YouTube, The Wild West Of Comedy
By Whatstrending
  • Can a comedy enterprise that is over half a decade years old evolve to the changing times? You bet, thanks to the Web. Second City Hollywood talked to What’s Trending about how YouTube has affected comedy today.

    “Our whole attempt at getting started on YouTube is ultimately to stake a claim in what is pretty much right now the Wild West,” said artistic director of Second City Hollywood Joshua Funk.

  • After 51 years of laughs, Second City decided to go online and has helped today’s comedians reach a larger audience than ever before.  “Getting your creativity out there that’s something that Second City out there because very video is going to get at least 10,000 hits and then good ones can go up into hundreds of thousands, which is, that’s incredible as a comedian to be able to reach your audience like that,” said actress and writer Michelle Grano.

    Funk explained that the comedy group’s first viral hit was “Sassy Gay Friend.” Recently, a group of second graders came to visit the Hollywood headquarters. While they were shown pictures of Chris Farley, Bill Murray and other Second City alumni, the children were most excited when they found out that “Sassy Gay Friend” originated from the network. “It really is a powerful reminder that the past is the past, and the future is more relevant to Second City more than ever.”