Is Facebook getting you psyched for Fall TV?

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  • Fall TV season is basically starting today and more than ever networks are pushing their product through social media.  Facebook is, of course, the platform of choice for the heaviest engagement.  You can earn your wings from Charlie’s Angels, get profiled by Person of Interest and even get a key (and possibly a trip to London) from The Playboy Club.

  • Right from the start Paul Scheer said that the online marketing he’s seen appears to be people struggling to connect with their audience, but that the websites are often difficult to navigate and rarely draw him in.  “It never seems to really engage me the way I want it to,” he said.

    Chris chimed in by adding that a lot of what he sees online are gimmicks and that he thinks a more diverse campaign that includes both traditional and social media is what really works for building broad awareness for a show. “I don’t think social media is the ultimate solution to everything.  I think it’s an important piece of the puzzle,” Hardwick noted.

    Paul went on to say that what works for pulling him is often when a creator of a show interacts with the fans.  Although the panel started by saying that Breaking Bad and Son’s of Anarchy have done a good job at this, Hardwick quipped that the old meme of Subservient Chicken is one his all time favorites.

    The conversation then moved on to how Scheer and Hardwick personally leverage their social presence to promote and endorse shows and products online and they have may have also snuck in a quick commercial for Pinkberry.

    Has anything on social media gotten you psyched about a Fall TV show?

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