Doc Brown and Tea Party Zombies: Like/Dislike?

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  • Like or Dislike is usually just good fun, but this week’s segment started out with a fair bit of passion as we discussed New York Times writer Paul Krugman’s decision to not allow comments on his controversial blog about those who used 9/11 to profit.  Chris Hardwick didn’t mind the lack commenting ability but rather took issue with the post saying, “I just think it was bad writing.”

  • You, the audience, commented on Krugman’s decision to not allow your comments by giving him an overwhelming thumbs down.

    Next up, was the controversial app game Tea Party Zombie’s Must Die, that allows players to “kill” zombie versions of various conservative figures like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin.  Although you heavily liked the game, our panelists both gave the game a Dislike.  Paul admitted the game looked cool, but added, “No one should be mock killing any (real people) in games.”

    Finally, Dr. Emmet Brown, the fictional creator of the Delorean-based time machine in the Back to the Future film series, has shown up in a series of ads for an Argentinian electronics store.  This one got a full round of likes from both our panelist and the audience.  We’ll take our lovable Christopher Lloyd any way we can get him.

    What did you like and dislike this week?

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