“Breaking Dawn” Trailer Can Do No Wrong In Fans’ Eyes

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    (Credit: Breaking Dawn official poster)

  • Step one to making a guaranteed blockbuster hit: Create a movie based off of a beloved — no make that obsessed over —  teen property. Step two: Cast the hottest young stars. Step three: Overcome and awkward and unexplainable plot holes with longing glances, cheap CGI and lots and lots of unnecessary tension.

    That’s exactly what the “Twilight” movie saga did. And, you can bet it will continue in the next installment “Breaking Dawn: Part 1.” Today, the world got a sneak peak at what’s in store.

    In the fourth film installment, Bella and Edward finally get married, do the deed and subsequently get an unexpected surprise. Well, not that unexpected if you watch “Teen Mom,” but pretty strange if you consider the father is decades-old vampire. It’s like the PG version of “Underworld” minus the werewolf hybrid. But, there are werewolves. Anyway, I’m even confusing myself.

  • While the trailer will continue to make non-fans scratch their heads or laugh out loud at the ridiculous story, fans have already gone nuts about the new footage. Whether your Team Edward or Team Jacob, “Twilight” films can do no wrong in their eyes.

  • So we have to ask…

    Do you like the trailer?


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