Red Bull Rhythm & Sound Combines Sports, Music To Create Social Media Contest

Red Bull Rhythm & Sound Combines Sports, Music To Create Social Media Contest
By Whatstrending
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    (Credit: Red Bull Rhythm and Sound)

  • by Tonya Cooke of The Roxy

    Fall is in the air and that means one thing to millions of people — sports. Now for those of us with music still on the brain, Red Bull has combined the two in a perfect little contest. Red Bull Rhythm & Sound lets fans of sports and music team up on a social music site to win a recording session with Lloyd Banks.

    Inbada Music is where the contest is hosted, and their primary goal is to make networking for musicians easier than it ever before. Inbada started in 2007 and continues to grow as everyone from the kid in his garage next door to Grammy winning producers and 500,000 other people collaborate there. If anyone knows the music and sports scene, it’s Red Bull and this was the perfect collaboration.

    Rhythm & Sound wants you to mix a Lloyd Banks song’s vocals (G-Unit, Eminem, etc.) and, at least, one athlete sound clip with your own beats. This social contest challenges online collaborators on Inbada to make music & sports history. They can mix, edit, and create online, share with friends and keep others, and even Banks, updated on their progress. Winners will get almost $5k worth of mixing gear and a chance to record at Red Bull Studios with Lloyd Banks himself.

    This contest takes the music creation process to the Internet in a brand new way. With these pieces of technology, musicians & producers can now collaborate outside of a sweaty garage and even include sports. It’s not often musicians are given the chance to jump out of their realm but with social music sites, these chances are easier to obtain.

    Tonya Cooke is from The Roxy, the famed L.A. music spot that has hosted hundreds of other famous acts such as Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, X, David Bowie, Warren Zevon, and My Chemical Romance. To learn more, click here.