Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project Kick Off 24 Hour Livestream

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  • Climate change is a reality being quickly thrust upon the entire world. To bring light to this topic and possible solutions, Al Gore has launched the Climate Reality Project, a new campaign focused on environmental activism. The initiative is kicking off today with 24 hours of livestreamed presentations across 24 time zones and 13 languages.

    “The climate crisis knows no political boundaries. Ferocious storms and deadly heat waves are occurring with alarming frequency all over the world. We are living with the reality of the climate crisis every day. The only question is, how soon can we act?” said Vice President Gore.

    In the video below, Gore addresses the messaging, which that the oil and coal industries are spreading on the issue. One of the goals of the event is to reveal the truth about what’s causing global warming.

  • The livestream begins this evening at 8PM EST at All viewers of the event, online and in person, will be invited to take part in specific activities to help solve the climate crisis.

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