Tyler Perry Highest Paid Man In Entertainment

Tyler Perry Highest Paid Man In Entertainment
By Whatstrending
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    Tyler Perry may have been playing a woman, but he’s the highest paid man in entertainment (Credit: Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family)

  • Move over: Madea is the highest paid woman — err man — in Hollywood. Tyler Perry has topped Forbes.com’s highest paid men in entertainment list. Perry is only one of two actors on the list, and considering that he’s best known for being a writer, director and producer, it makes sense that he’s the top for all his efforts.

    Steven Spielberg and Simon Cowell all come behind Perry, who makes an estimated $130 million a year. Jerry Bruckheimer comes next at a not so shabby $113 million.

    Many people online are joking that this technically makes Perry the second richest woman in America.

  • Were you surprised to hear Perry topped the list?