Is NVIBE AOL’s New Social Network?

Is NVIBE AOL's New Social Network?
By Matthew Arevalo
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  • There are some interesting findings being uncovered by Fusible today regarding NVIBE, leaving many in the tech industry speculating if this is AOL’s new social networking platform.

    On September 9th, AOL not only became the new owner of the domain, they also filed for 5 new trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering a range of goods and services including online local and community social networking services.

    Here is the list of patents:

    Serial Number: 85419192

    Online social networking services; online local and community social networking services

    Serial Number: 85419185

    Providing a website that enables users to connect with people in a particular neighborhood or city; Providing user-defined content and content of others selected and customized based on the known or estimated geographical location of users

    Serial Number: 85419176

    Providing neighborhood and community information in the fields of education, entertainment, local events and activities, current events, shopping, arts, culture, and sports; Providing information about community and neighborhood livability

    Serial Number: 85419162

    Providing geographic information, destination information, interactive maps, and driving directions via computer and communications networks; Providing information, news, and commentary in the field of travel via computer and communications networks

    Serial Number: 85419151

    Providing information and news in the field of local business

    AOL doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to social. In 2008 they purchased popular site for $850 and ended up selling it two years later.. for 10 million.