Social Media Leads To Social Action For Social Good

Social Media Leads To Social Action For Social Good
By Whatstrending
  • Being social and spreading the word isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  A new graphic to show us how social media can lead to social action for social good.

    “We came up with the concept of “Social Good: Taking Social Media to Social Action” because the fusion of entrepreneurship and social good is such an amazingly exciting trend. We wanted to shine the spotlight on these generous brands (some of which people might not already know about), and show exactly how much they have given back,” a spokesperson for Wpromote told What’s Trending by email.

    “The brands incorporate social media deeply into their business models. Social media is right at the center of the topic of social entrepreneurship; it is at the heart of how the companies featured grow their following, engage with their customers, and even contributes to how they effect positive change on the world.”

    Via: Wpromote