Constitution Day Celebrated In Schools Across The Country

Constitution Day Celebrated In Schools Across The Country
By Whatstrending
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    (Credit: U.S. House of Representatives)

  • The Constitution gives Americans the fundamental beliefs that we all hold dear. On Constitution Day, schools that receive federal funding are required to teach the constitution. Though technically Constitution Day is September 17, students are celebrating it early and learning where they get their rights.

    University of Connecticut professor Ken Dautrich, who wrote “The Future of the First Amendment: Digital Media, Civic Education and Free Expression Rights in the Nations’ High Schools,” surveyed high school students about First Amendment issues. Ninety one percent of the people surveyed that used social media to get their news said that people should be allowed to express unpopular opinions, compared to 77 percent of people who never use social networks for news agreeing that freedom of speech is okay. Also, the Associated Press reported that only 24 percent of students think the First Amendment goes too far in protecting people, a strong contrast from 45 percent back in 2006.

    Many are urging people to use today and tomorrow as a chance to catch up on history. You can watch a free, interactive webcast all day at the National Constitution Centers website. Also, check out U.S. Constitution Day Activities on Thought it’s supposed to be for teachers and students, you can learn some interesting facts.