New Planet Orbits Two Suns Just Like “Star Wars” Tatooine

New Planet Orbits Two Suns Just Like "Star Wars" Tatooine
By Whatstrending
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    Tatooine as depicted in “Star Wars IV: A New Hope” (Credit: Lucasfilm)

  • The new “Star Wars” Blu-ray discs aren’t the only new “Star Wars” news of the day. A new Tatooine-like planet that orbits two suns was discovered. NASA’s Kepler mission made the discovery, and while there are no word of sand jawas or whiny farmers who want to join the Imperial Academy or even that the planet is made out of sand, “Star Wars” fans are excited by the discovery.

  • Actually, Kepler-16b, the name of the new planet, is probably very cold, and an average day would probably be about -100 degrees Fahrenheit. But, we can still dream that somewhere out there, a young potential Jedi is looking out there, dreaming of what he could become.