Razorbombing – A Meme Created to Help Schick Products

Razorbombing - A Meme Created to Help Schick Products
By Matthew Arevalo
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  • “Razorbombing,” is the act of taking a photo with a razor in the foreground to create a visual pun. The photos below show creative examples that the brand has featured in their launch.

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  • After a media buy and article on Buzzfeed yesterday, it became quickly obvious to the Internet masses that this grass roots campaign was really part of a Schick Xtreme3′s “Shave the World” contest, where you can win up to $10,000 for your razorbombing photos.

    The brand is a division of Energizer Holdings, who have been on a roll lately after a successful Twitter marketing campaign for Edge Shave Gel, which rewarded users who used the #soirritating hashtag to gripe about their irritating life experiences.

    Do you think this meme will come and go quickly or stick around and go super viral? How do you feel about brand created memes?