Emmy Awards 2011: What’s Going On Online

Emmy Awards 2011: What's Going On Online
By Whatstrending
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    Alec Baldwin (Credit: Wikipedia)

  • You might not be able to congratulate television’s biggest stars in person, but you can still participate in all the glitz and glamor of the Emmy Awards online. Tonight, we’ll finally know who is the smaller screen’s best actors and actresses and which television shows are worth checking out. Emmy 2011 night is finally here.

    While the top headline coming out of the Emmys is Alec Baldwin’s “walk off” after FOX pulled his News Corp. hacking scandal joke, there’s still the standard who is wearing what and acceptance speeches that we can still look forward to. 

  • You can check out the numerous live blogs, including the New York Times’ live blog which includes the the Red Carpet reactions and The Guardian’s live blog which will have guest contributions from “Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead. The Los Angeles Times is providing a live tweet blog, created by their staff, to give you the quickest updates in 140 characters or less.

    Speaking of what people are wearing, Emmys.com already has a gallery of all the outfits. They also suggest downloading their Backstage Live app for that behind the scenes look at the night hosted by comedian Michael Kosta. In addition to the thank you cam, you can also see a camera dedicated to Jane Lynch and her team of writers as they work on the script during the show.

    There’s also the numerous people who will be tweeting during the show. You can count on Alec Baldwin (@alecbaldwin) to have his say, but here’s some other tweeters to keep an eye on. @PrimetimeEmmys is the official Emmy Awards 2011 account, and host Jane Lynch (@janemarielynch) seems to also be updating her fans on her whereabouts. You can follow E!’s Red Carpet coverage @redcarpet, and The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) is always an invaluable resource on nights like these.

    How are you going to tune into the Emmy’s tonight?