Condom Company Helps Spread Free Contraception To Those In Need
  • Overpopulation is a big issue that can be fixed with a little education and the proper resources. #Innovator Sir Richard’s Condoms is one company that is trying to help solve the problem. They provides free contraception to the people who want to protect themselves.

  • “There’s a massive need gap for free contraceptives for people who can’t afford them so we saw an opportunity on the global side in terms of global health to address that critical issue,” said co-founder of Sir Richard’s Condoms Mathew Gerson.

    Adopting the buy one give one model, each time a customer buys a condom one is donated. “We understand the root of so many issues in Haiti and in impoverished settings are related to things of course out of our control. A condom is a form of triage in a way, “ said marketing and communications director Mia Herron.

    But, it’s not just tackling safe sex and contraception issues around the world. Sir Richard works to educate people at home as well. Lucy, the company’s plaid bus, visits college campuses and drives by local neighborhoods to raise awareness. Gerson said he even sees the friendly vehicle as a way for parents to bring up the sex with their children in a comfortable, non-threatening way. “It acts as a mobile public service announcement, but it’s also what we use to travel around in and distribute our message,” he explained.